Consistent exposure to the sun and other harmful environmental factors (such as extreme weather conditions, pollution and smoke) can have a serious impact on the skin.

Such exposure may result in the following symptoms:

•    Freckles
•    Thin lines and wrinkles
•    Fragile skin
•    Lack of tone
•    Dry, coarse skin

Whitening therapy aims to inject active vitamins into the skin, in particular vitamin C, which is necessary for the production of healthy collagen and the normalization of melanocytes, which determine the skin’s colour and tone.
A more potent therapy, using antioxidant products, contributes to the restoration of skin that has been aged by excessive exposure to sunlight, while also hastening the decolorization of freckles. At the same time, it restores elasticity, brightness and tone to the skin, smoothing out thin lines and wrinkles.